Sunday, January 2, 2011

Davecat: Man Marries Robot

This is the first shared episode of the newest incarnation of the Mindcore Podcast. Diana Sparx and I are childhood friends. I have decided to take this podcast from its prior atheist propaganda incarnation to a cyberpunk model where Diana and I just share stories and interviews for bad asses with 3 digit IQs.

This episode is about robots. It may appear to be about Real Dolls or sex toys, but its really about robots. I trust that if I have done my outreach correctly all of you will get that. Davecat is a fucking awesome guy, who is smart as hell, and has great taste in music and has married a Real Doll. Why would anyone do that? In Diana and I's humble opinion, Davecat can (to a certain extent) see the future.

Please enjoy the show. Forgive some sound issues on the interview segment, these are entirely my fault and I must apologize for my rusty podcasting. I promise the content is worth it. If you have a hard time with it you just need to make it louder.

Allow you to interview you to our new co-host: Diana Sparx:

Davecat's Awesome Blog (Diana and I are Huge Fans)

Video of Davecat

Davecat on Taboo

If you want to download or get it on iTunes use this site

Now for the show:


  1. you guys have an iTunes feed? if so please link.

  2. Thanks for the great stuff!....and Davecat rules!

  3. Hey Hannibal,

    You can access the iTunes feed via the podomatic page:

    Sorry we don't have it here yet, its a storage issues. The sound on this page comes with free permanent storage, podomatic wants to charge a lot of money for their memory which forces the feed there to be temporary (but it will be there for a few weeks at least).

    There is an iTunes icon on the page on the lower right hand corner of the podomatic page.

  4. I just noticed Hannibal that it doesn't automatically convert it to a link when I put the url.

    You can cut and paste it, or there is already a link on the blog notes that says "If you want to download or get it on itunes use this site"

    That is a link and will take you straight to the podomatic page if you click on it.