Sunday, January 2, 2011

Davecat: Man Marries Robot

This is the first shared episode of the newest incarnation of the Mindcore Podcast. Diana Sparx and I are childhood friends. I have decided to take this podcast from its prior atheist propaganda incarnation to a cyberpunk model where Diana and I just share stories and interviews for bad asses with 3 digit IQs.

This episode is about robots. It may appear to be about Real Dolls or sex toys, but its really about robots. I trust that if I have done my outreach correctly all of you will get that. Davecat is a fucking awesome guy, who is smart as hell, and has great taste in music and has married a Real Doll. Why would anyone do that? In Diana and I's humble opinion, Davecat can (to a certain extent) see the future.

Please enjoy the show. Forgive some sound issues on the interview segment, these are entirely my fault and I must apologize for my rusty podcasting. I promise the content is worth it. If you have a hard time with it you just need to make it louder.

Allow you to interview you to our new co-host: Diana Sparx:

Davecat's Awesome Blog (Diana and I are Huge Fans)

Video of Davecat

Davecat on Taboo

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Now for the show: